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Epic shows Google felt forced to compete now that third-party billing is an option.

This doesn’t entirely land for Epic because it’s also trying to argue that Google’s “User Choice Billing” is not a real choice, but...

Epic just showed us a document from 2022 titled “GPB as Platform of Choice.”

It asks one key question: once developers and users have more choices for billing systems, “what are we doing to make GPB the platform they *want* to choose?”

It suggests that “for developers, we must show demonstrable & indisputable ROI” and “we must also connect directly with users and give them a compelling case to check out with Play Billing based on trust, convenience & value.”

“In other words, we’ll need to compete,” asks Epic’s attorney.

Correct, says Loew.

The document mentions two Google codenames that have something to do with alternative check-out options: “Halla” and “Everest.” I suspect “Everest” is Google’s “User Choice Billing” based on the context of the document, but I can’t be sure.