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James O’Keefe’s replacement at Project Veritas quits due to “strong evidence of past illegality.”

O’Keefe, the organization’s founder and Forbes 30 under 30 Hall of Shamer, announced his exit in February while the Justice Department investigated how Project Veritas came into possession of a diary belonging to President Biden’s daughter ahead of the 2020 election. Now his replacement, Hannah Giles, says she’s out too*, as reported by The Messenger.

*But only after she delivered evidence of past crimes to the authorities, according to her statement, included below.

Statement from Hannah Giles: “I am stepping down from all roles with Project Veritas and Project Veritas Action — effective immediately, Though I had high hopes when I joined the organizations, I stepped into an unsalvageable mess — one wrought with strong evidence of past illegality and past financial improprieties. Once such evidence was discovered, I brought the information to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. Thank you
Statement posted by the outgoing Project Veritas CEO.
Image: @HannahMGiles / X