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Google releases on-device diagnostics tool and repair manuals for Pixel phones

Google releases on-device diagnostics tool and repair manuals for Pixel phones


Dial *#*#7287#*#* to find out what’s wrong with your Pixel phone.

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A repair diagram for the Pixel Fold
Image: Google

Google is releasing a tool to help users diagnose problems with their Pixel phones. Users can launch the app by entering *#*#7287#*#* on the dial pad, allowing them to check whether their phone is working correctly before or after a repair.

There are a bunch of diagnostic tools available within the app. While users can run a full diagnostic test to detect issues across the entire device, there are also options to run individual tests for physical defects and problems affecting the phone’s display, sensors, and connectivity. The new tool is available on all Pixel phones in English.

Image: Google

Aside from the diagnostics app, Google is introducing redesigned repair manuals the company says are “easier for technicians and DIYers to use.” Users can download repair manuals from Google’s website in English and French, but they’re only available for the Pixel Fold, Pixel 8, and Pixel 8 Pro for now. Google says it will add repair manuals for previous and future devices “in the coming months.”

There’s also a new Repair Mode Google introduced earlier this month, which Pixel Phone owners can toggle on when their device is getting repaired. The feature is meant to protect users' private information while their phone is in the hands of a technician, similar to the Repair Mode feature Samsung rolled out on its devices in 2021.

Google and other tech companies have gradually become more open to the idea of DIYers and independent repair shops fixing their own devices. Both Google and Samsung offer repair parts through iFixit for a range of devices, while Apple has been expanding its self-repair service since its launch last year. Apple also just launched a diagnostics tool users can access online.