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I really appreciate the AI’s candidness about a 3-in-1 chair in this summary.

While I was online shopping today, I came across Amazon’s AI-generated review summaries, and I started clicking a variety of products to see how each summary was different from the last. I stumbled across this convertible sleeper chair, and the review summary did not disappoint.

Out of the 128 reviews on this product, 25 of them stated that the chair is incredibly hard to sleep or sit on, and the AI sure took that to heart in its summarization.

Screenshot of Amazon’s AI review summary reading: Customers like the ease of assembly of the chair. They mention that it’s simple to assemble and easy to turn into a bed. They like the appearance of the product, saying that it looks good and is well made. They also like the value of the item. However, some customers have reported that the chair is hard as hell.
“Al-generated from the text of customer reviews”
Image: screenshot