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Nomad unveils its first fast Qi2 wireless stand charger

Nomad unveils its first fast Qi2 wireless stand charger


The $100 Stand Qi2 Magnetic Wireless Charger will go on sale in the coming weeks, supplying up to 15W to MagSafe and Qi2-supported devices.

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A lifestyle image of the Nomad Stand Qi2 Magnetic Wireless Charger in white, charging a phone near some plants.
Nomad’s upcoming stand Qi2 charger will help make charging rates more consistent across devices.
Image: Nomad

Nomad, a reputable producer of phone cases and accessories, has announced its first stand charger based on the new magnet-enhanced Qi2 standard. The $100 Stand Qi2 Magnetic Wireless Charger is capable of charging MagSafe and Qi2-enabled devices at up to 15W, and features a metal and glass design that’ll be available in black or white. You’ll have to supply your own 20W USB-C power adapter, but Nomad has at least included a two-meter USB-C to USB-C cable alongside the product.

Much like other Qi2-based chargers that have been announced — such as Belkin’s new BoostCharge offerings, Anker’s latest MagGo accessories, and Mophie’s upcoming trio — the Nomad Stand Qi2 charger isn’t available to purchase yet. Nomad’s marketing director Chuck Melber told The Verge that it’ll go on sale “in the coming weeks,” but no official release date has been revealed.

The Nomad Stand Qi2 Magnetic Wireless Charger in white against a blank backdrop.


Click through to see what it looks like in both white and black. Phones can be charged in either portrait or landscape orientations
Image: Nomad

For those unaware, Qi2 is the latest version of the Qi open wireless charging standard. MagSafe — Apple’s own solution built on top of Qi — was used as a reference for the new Qi2 standard, so they share some similarities: they both utilize magnets to securely align the connection and can charge Qi2-compatible devices at rates of up to 15W. That means Qi2 chargers should make charging rates more consistent across devices, given iPhones are limited to charging at 7.5W on the old Qi standard.

Nomad is one of the few brands to have released pricing for its new Qi2-supported lineup. $100 may seem expensive for a wireless stand charger, but the company is known to provide solid build quality. By contrast, this latest offering is $10 cheaper than the visually similar Stand One MagSafe charger Nomad released earlier this year.

After featuring Qi2 support on the new iPhone 15 lineup at launch, Apple recently expanded support to its iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 models. CES is also just around the corner, so consumers should soon have a wide variety of new Qi2 charging options to choose from.