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Tesla’s Autopilot fix ‘doesn’t go far enough.’

Consumer Report did some preliminary testing with its Tesla Model S with Autopilot after a massive 2 million vehicle recall triggered a new software update. And unsurprisingly, the group’s safety experts came away thoroughly unimpressed.

A preliminary evaluation of Autopilot after the software update was installed on CR’s Tesla Model S suggests that the fix is insufficient, a CR safety expert says, explaining that it’s still too easy for drivers to misuse the feature.

“Although we welcome some of the changes that Tesla made as part of the most recent software update, including warning text that’s easier to read, the new software doesn’t go far enough to prevent misuse or address the root causes of driver inattention,” says Kelly Funkhouser, associate director of vehicle technology at CR’s Auto Test Center. 

They were still able to use Autopilot after covering the in-cabin camera! So much for driver monitoring.