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Everyone’s getting their podcast lawsuits in before the year is over

Everyone’s getting their podcast lawsuits in before the year is over


Plus, how 2024 could be the year we will finally get better analytics.

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People are really getting their podcast lawsuits in before the new year. Let’s get to it.

  • The Daily Beast reports that Fox News host Laura Ingraham filed a lawsuit against Quake Media, claiming the podcast startup hasn’t paid her $800,000 contract for 2022. 
  • Investment firm VGC Partners is suing Sean Glynn, the former CEO of British podcast studio Novel. The suit claims that Glynn did not disclose that the other co-founder intended to leave, and that the company’s revenue figures were inflated.
  • My father-in-law responded to yesterday’s newsletter on New York’s lawsuit against SiriusXM saying that he, too, has had to take drastic measures to get rid of his subscription. “When I called back a third time to cancel, I told them I was moving to a small village in France where they had no Wi-Fi, but I would be sure to resubscribe when the village got Wi-Fi!! Unbelievable,” he wrote. Yes, on the Friday before Christmas, this qualifies as news. 
  • France has introduced a new law that will tax music streamers 1.2 percent of their domestic revenue to support local music. Spotify’s music lead in France and the Benelux region has been railing against the move, and announced on X on Wednesday that the company will pull its sponsorship from two French music festivals.
  • PodcastOne has signed Was I in a Cult?  to an exclusive sales and distribution deal. The company says that the show has received 9 million downloads since it debuted in 2021.
  • Who shat on the floor at my wedding?, a silly whodunnit that wrapped two and a half years ago, is grazing the top of the charts. After going viral this summer, it currently ranks second on Spotify and seventh on Apple Podcasts. A true podcasting miracle, Merry Christmas to us all.

- Ariel Shapiro

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