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LG’s bringing a 98-inch QNED Mini LED to CES 2024, and a promise for webOS upgrades.

We’ll have more news about LG’s 2024 TV lineup (including new OLEDs) once it’s all revealed in Las Vegas, but the most intriguing part of this pre-CES press release is a guarantee of future smart TV software updates, similar to what we’ve seen recently on phones like Google’s Pixel 8 series:

With the webOS Re:New program,* LG is offering an upgrade to the latest version of its webOS smart TV platform to give more smart TV owners the most up-to-date user experience for the next five years. This notable offer comes to LG QNED Mini LED 8K models launched in 2022 (QNED99 and QNED95 series) and will be extended to additional models in the QNED TV lineup worldwide in the future.

A footnote mentions, “...this upgrade does not cover the TV’s hardware performance, features or durability,” so we’ll have to find out what it does cover in a few days.

Correction December 28th, 12:30PM: An earlier version said Mini OLED, the TVs mentioned are Mini LED. We regret the error.

Promotional picture showing a simulated upscale living room area with parents and two children watching a massive wall-mounted LG television.
Image: LG