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The Google Pixel Watch 2 is selling for its lowest price of $299.99

The Google Pixel Watch 2 is selling for its lowest price of $299.99


Save $50 on Google’s sophomore smartwatch with much-improved battery life and fast charging. Plus, deals on Amazon’s latest Echo Show smart speaker and Tunic on Nintendo Switch.

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Person looking at Pixel Watch 2
Google’s second-gen watch may look just like its first, but it’s much better in the battery department.
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

The holiday sales festivities have yielded some deep discounts on the original Pixel Watch (dropping it to $199.99), making it a solid deal for Google’s freshman smartwatch. But now, there’s also a great deal on the newer, better Pixel Watch 2. You can get Google’s Pixel Watch 2 for its lowest price to date of $299.99 ($50 off) at Amazon, Best Buy, or Target.

While both Pixel Watches are nearly the spitting image of one another, the Pixel Watch 2 has some big upgrades that help with everyday use — most notably, its battery life. The original Pixel Watch was a little anemic on battery, and the Pixel Watch 2 not only lasts longer but charges much faster. The Wear OS 4 device can recharge around 50 percent in just about 30 minutes thanks to its improved charger. Other than that, it’s also a perfectly fine health and fitness tracker with tight Fitbit integration (since Google owns Fitbit, of course).

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The new Google Pixel Watch 2 now achieves a reliable 24 hours on a single charge with the always-on display enabled. It sports a new processor, multipath health sensor, Wear OS 4, and new safety features, all around a substantial update.

Amazon’s latest base-model Echo Dot smart speaker is once again selling for its lowest price of $22.99 ($28 off) at Amazon and Target. If you want a slightly fancier version, the same model with a handy dot matrix-style clock built in is also on sale at Amazon for $39.99 ($20 off), albeit for a lower discount.

The fifth-gen Echo Dot maintains the ponderous orb-like design of its predecessor, but it has improved audio quality, a new temperature sensor for syncing with smart home automations to trigger a fan or HVAC system in your home, and it can even extend an Eero mesh Wi-Fi network. Oh yeah, and there’s that whole Alexa voice assistant thing — which is kind of key to controlling much of the Dot’s functionality with your commands.

An Amazon Echo Dot (fifth-gen) in blue, resting on a side table.

The fifth-gen Echo Dot touts a temperature sensor, better sound, and faster response time than the prior model. It can also act as an extender for your Eero Wi-Fi system. Read our review.

One of 2022’s critically acclaimed indie games, Tunic, is selling for a new low of $19 ($10.99 off) at Amazon. This is a digital version for the Nintendo Switch, which the cute isometric action-adventure game plays great on. Tunic is like a blending of classic Zelda games with a touch of Dark Souls. Its sword-and-shield-wielding fox protagonist is adorable, its art design is lovely, and it’s also a damn challenge at times.

However, if you prefer to just enjoy the game, there are some nice accessibility features that make the combat much less challenging while still rewarding. A major part of what makes Tunic so special is its exploration, as you must navigate its world and solve its puzzles using only an in-game map that’s reminiscent of old-fashioned paper instruction booklets from the NES era.

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In a screenshot from Tunic, the main character stands with his sword raised on a plot of blocky land.

Tunic borrows heavily from classic The Legend of Zelda titles, but its adorable aesthetic betrays the difficulty of this stylish isometric adventure game.

Looks like somebody’s got a case of the Mondeals

  • The Nintendo Switch OLED Bundle with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and three months of a Nintendo Switch Online membership is selling for $324.99 ($25 off) at GameStop if you order online and pick it up in-store.
  • A physical copy of Starfield for the Xbox Series X is $49.99 ($20 off) at Amazon and Best Buy. The ambitious open-world sci-fi epic may have received a more mixed reception than previous Bethesda Game Studios titles, but it remains a deep RPG, featuring a vast world to explore and potentially hundreds of hours of gameplay. Read our review.
  • If you got so caught up in last week’s shopping frenzy and forgot it’s also that time of year for holiday cards and ornaments (no, I’m totally not projecting right now), you’re in luck. Shutterfly is running its Cyber Monday deal once again, for today only, taking up to 50 percent off custom-printed products with an additional 25 percent off when you use code CYBERISBACK at checkout.
  • The SteelSeries Arena 7 2.1-channel desktop speakers are on sale for their second-best price of $239.99 ($60 off) at Amazon and Best Buy. These beefy speakers put out some big sound, especially if you crank their 6.5-inch subwoofer, and they have RGB lighting that matches the colors on your screen using SteelSeries’ software.