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Threads is counting down to an EU launch next week

Threads is counting down to an EU launch next week


European Instagram users can find a ‘ticket’ in the app with a December 14th launch date for Meta’s Twitter-like social media platform.

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An image showing the Threads logo
The lengthy delay in Threads European rollout has been attributed to the EU’s DMA rules.
Illustration: The Verge

Following its rollout in countries like the US and UK this past July, Threads will finally be expanded to users in the European Union on December 14th. Meta hasn’t made an official announcement yet, instead opting to sneakily update the Threads website with an untitled countdown timer (which won’t be viewable in countries where Threads is already available) with just under six days remaining on the clock. 

European Instagram users can also search for the term “ticket” within the app to discover a digital invitation to Threads, alongside a scannable QR code and a launch time — which may vary depending on the country in which the user is based. We have contacted Meta to confirm the details, like which EU countries Threads might launch in, and will update this story if we hear back.

A countdown timer with five days and twenty hours remaining. Pink and orange confetti is falling in the background.
The style of the timer is also nearly identical to the one Meta used to launch Threads in July. (Thanks Michael!)
Image: Meta / The Verge

The delay in Threads’ rollout to the EU has been caused by what Meta spokesperson Christine Pai described as “upcoming regulatory uncertainty,” likely in reference to strict rules under the bloc’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). Meta, alongside other tech giants like Microsoft and Apple, were formally designated as platform gatekeepers under the law in July, beholding them to new rules regarding user consent and data protection. It isn’t immediately clear if any changes have been made to the core Threads experience in the EU to accommodate these rules.