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You can buy the 2021 Kindle Paperwhite in three new colors

You can buy the 2021 Kindle Paperwhite in three new colors


The Kindle Paperwhite is now available in blue, green, and black when you buy the 16GB or 32GB models.

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The green and denim blue Kindle Paperwhites hiding behind the standard black Kindle Paperwhite.
Image: Amazon

The latest Kindle Paperwhite has finally caught up with the new Kindle, which sounds weird, so let me explain: Amazon is making the 16GB Kindle Paperwhite and 32GB Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition available in new soft “denim” blue and “Agave Green” shades in addition to the standard black colorway.

That means now you can buy both the 2021 Kindle Paperwhite and the new base Kindle — which Amazon released in October — in multiple colors.

Previously, you could only buy the base Kindle in black and blue, while the Paperwhite was only available in black. That was a strange move as the Kindle Paperwhite is supposed to be the more premium e-reader, adding extra features like waterproofing. Naturally, thus, you’d expect it to offer more color options than its cheaper, less capable sibling, especially as some earlier iterations of the Kindle Paperwhite came in multiple colors, too.

Now with its new blue option and an extra green color the Kindle lacks, the e-reader has improved its value proposition, and order once again reigns throughout the Kindle lineup.

Well, sort of. The Kindle Paperwhite still, after all, starts with 8GB of storage at the low end, whereas the Kindle starts with 16GB and is $40 less. Like I wrote in my review, that’s weird, but I guess it could explain why they didn’t introduce new color options for the 8GB model.

Oh, and by the way: Amazon also released new Agave Green leather and fabric colors. That’s in addition to the colorways Amazon already sells, which include blue, red, and light purple. So if you own a black Kindle Paperwhite and you’re now regretting the purchase, you can still add a bit of color to your device, too.