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After years of rejections, The Legend of Zelda might finally become a Lego set

After years of rejections, The Legend of Zelda might finally become a Lego set


A leak suggests The Great Deku Tree could become a major Lego set.

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For nearly a decade, Lego has welcomed your ideas for what might become official Lego sets — but not ones based on The Legend of Zelda. Since 2014, it has rejected eight Zelda sets that gathered the required 10,000 votes for consideration, even as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, and the original NES console have all come to Lego. In 2022, the company even straight-up banned Zelda submissions due to a “license conflict,” making the community think some other toymaker locked down the IP.

But according to Promobricks, one of the foremost Lego leakers, a Legend of Zelda set appears to finally be in development. If true, perhaps it might release alongside the Breath of the Wild sequel this May?

The new set is reportedly a 2-in-1 set based on the Great Deku Tree that’s featured in several games, with enough pieces to build either the Ocarina of Time or Breath of the Wild versions, as well as minifigures of Link, Zelda, and one other character.

And before you say “we’re just getting a tree?” I suspect it might have something to do with the fact that it’s also the home of the Master Sword in BotW. (But yes, I’d rather have the Temple of Time personally.)

The Master Sword, under the Great Deku Tree, waiting to be claimed.
The Master Sword, under the Great Deku Tree, waiting to be claimed.
Screenshot by Polygon

Now, the source of this rumor / leak is a little unusual — it’s a member of the Eurobricks forum named JeanGreyForever who claims to have been part of a paid survey, where they were shown upcoming Lego sets and asked how much they’d be willing to pay. But Promobricks says they were able to obtain images of the survey from JeanGreyForever and that they looked legit.

A Lego representative says the company doesn’t comment on rumors and speculation.

Here’s how JeanGreyForever describes the set in the forum post, which I’m archiving here in case it gets removed:

For all you Zelda fans out there, I can confirm that there is a Zelda set in production. I don’t know if it’s supposed to launch a whole new theme or if it’s just a one-off but there’s one set at least which will feature 1920 pieces and will range from $200-$325, probably $250. It’s a 2-in-1 model based on the Great Deku Tree. Just to clarify, I am not a Zelda fan and I have never played any of the games so I don’t know really know much about what I’ve seen except that the description of the set that I was provided specifically called it the Great Deku Tree. 

There were two images of the set, because they give you enough pieces to make two versions of the tree. Just to clarify on the 2-in-1 aspect, it appears to be the same model which you can redress to make it look different. I don’t think they actually made it so you could make both trees and display both together since there’s just the one base. One of the trees was specifically labeled as designed from the Breath of the Wild game whereas the other came from Ocarina of Time. I don’t know which is which but one version of the tree had an opening underneath the branches and had pink flowers. The other version had no opening underneath the tree’s face and had green leaves instead. Whichever tree you make is featured on a base with the Zelda logo on it. 

As for minifigures, they don’t have a count or any names listed but both pictures showed the same three minifigs. I recognized one as Link who has the short legs. The other two minifigures I didn’t recognize so I had to look them up and it seems like they’re Link and Zelda from the Breath of the Wild game because they both look like this wearing blue. There’s also a light blue orb covered in white with a clear stand.

Other sets that may have leaked via the survey: a Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series version of Jabba’s Sail Barge from Return of the Jedi, Snow White’s house, and Sauron’s fortress Barad-dûr from The Lord of the Rings. A set based on the Elven city of Rivendell was already rumored to be in development.

Here’s hoping we get a Metroid Lego set someday.