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Yoko Taro’s new game is about Sega running the world

Yoko Taro’s new game is about Sega running the world


The game’s official title is 404 Game Re:set. Rolls off the tongue.

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Yoko Taro, known for offbeat RPGs like Nier: Automata and Nier: Replicant, is announcing his latest out-of-the-ordinary project: 404 Game Re:set, a free-to-play mobile game set in a universe where Sega runs the world. Seriously.

Here’s the overview of the game from the Google Play listing:

This is the world for SEGA by SEGA.

From infrastructure to entertainment, SEGA is the king of every field. In such a world, players will encounter the mysterious being “X.”

Knowing that this world is twisted by SEGA, they will be able to go back into battle against SEGA to restore it to its original world.

The game also features classic Sega games represented as, uh, anime girls. Sega has already shared designs for characters representing Virtua Cop, After Burner, OutRun, and Virtua Fighter, and the game’s website says that there are more to be revealed.

Unfortunately, I can’t personally tell you how 404 Game Re:set will play. Based on a screenshot from the Google Play page, it looks like you might fight waves of enemies as the Sega game characters. Based on other screenshots, there seem to be social elements and ways to rank up your characters. And I’m guessing there’s a gacha element of some kind to encourage players to collect characters. But most of the game’s promotional materials that I can find, including a website, teaser trailer, and a video featuring an interview with Taro, are in Japanese, which I don’t speak.

A screenshot from 404 Game Re:set.
I think this is the actual game part of 404 Game Re:set.
Image: Sega

Pre-registration for the 404 Game Re:set is open now on iOS and Android. The game is set to launch in the spring, according to a blog post, though it’s a Japan-only release for now.