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An old Sega sports and puzzle game is coming to PlayStation VR2

An old Sega sports and puzzle game is coming to PlayStation VR2


C-Smash VRS is updating a game from the arcade and Dreamcast era, and there’s a demo coming out in March.

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Concept art for C-Smash VRS.
Concept art for C-Smash VRS.
Image: Sony

Cosmic Smash, a sports and puzzle game from Sega arcade systems and the Dreamcast, is being “reimagine[d]” for the PlayStation VR2, according to a Sony blog post. The new version will be called C-Smash VRS (which apparently “stands for VR and Versus”), and while it doesn’t have a release date yet, Sony has announced that it’ll be releasing a demo for the game on March 23rd.

The trailer shows off what appears to be a space theme and a small slice of gameplay where someone smacks a ball toward an opponent and wall. Sega advertised the original game as a mix of “virtual reality squash” and block-smashing gameplay, similar to titles like Blasterball or Breakout. You can watch some gameplay of the original Cosmic Smash here, which illustrates the puzzle part — it involves figuring out how to hit blocks that are sometimes hidden behind obstacles. (As is often the case with these games, the difficulty isn’t always the puzzle but, rather, getting the ball to go where you want it to.)

The aesthetic is somewhat reminiscent of Superhot, with the polygonal white avatars and bright highlight colors — though given that the original Cosmic Smash came out in 2001 and had a very similar look, perhaps it’d be fairer to say that Superhot looks like it.

The PSVR2 is set to launch on February 22nd, with a stable of launch window games that includes Gran Turismo 7, Horizon Call of the Mountain, Tetris Effect, Pistol Whip, and more. You can check out our unboxing of the headset here as well as our initial impressions of it, but keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming full review.

We should be getting launch info for C-Smash VRS “soon,” according to Sony’s blog post.