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Tweetbot’s creators added an edit button to their Mastodon client

Tweetbot’s creators added an edit button to their Mastodon client


Ivory, the Mastodon app from the developers behind Tweetbot, now comes with the ability to report users and posts as well.

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An image showing Ivory’s elephant logo
Image: Tapbots

The developers who created the now-discontinued Tweetbot client have added an edit button to Ivory, their app for Mastodon. This comes bundled with a couple of other updates for Ivory’s iOS app, including the ability to report users and posts, as well as support for Mastodon’s server language translation services.

Tapbots, the company behind both apps, has been gradually bringing new features to its new Mastodon client after Twitter unceremoniously stopped supporting third-party apps last month and later announced new rules that require developers to pay for access to Twitter’s application programming interface (API).

While Ivory’s still in early access, Tapbots says there’s much more to come, like quote posts and support for custom instance emoji. So far, Ivory lets you edit your profile on Mastodon, suppress duplicate boosted posts, create content warnings, and approve follow requests from private accounts.

Just like Tweetbot, Ivory’s a paid service, which means you’ll have to pay $1.99 per month or $14.99 per year for full access to the iOS app. You can also demo it in read-only mode if you’re not ready to commit just yet. There’s a macOS app in development as well, but it’s currently available as a limited public alpha through Testflight.

Twitter initially said it would start making developers pay to access its API on February 9th but has since delayed the rollout of the new system to an undetermined date. Access to the API could cost developers much as $100 per month, and CEO Elon Musk has since hinted at a free tier with “light, write-only” access for Twitter bots that create “good” content, whatever that might mean.