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Twitter is relaxing its policies to allow cannabis ads

Twitter is relaxing its policies to allow cannabis ads


The company’s new policy allows significantly more than other major platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Twitter will allow cannabis ads on the platform starting today, the company announced in a blog (per Axios).

The company previously allowed CBD topical ads targeting some US users. The policy change means Twitter — where major ad firms have cautioned clients against buying ads following Elon Musk’s takeover — will allow more cannabis ads than other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

On Meta-owned platforms, advertisers can promote hemp products with restrictions around geographic targeting and content, but THC and CBD products aren’t allowed. TikTok also has strict rules around drugs, even refusing to allow public service announcements from New York state after cannabis was legalized for adults.

“Going forward, Twitter is allowing advertisers to promote brand preference and informational cannabis-related content for CBD, THC, and cannabis-related products and services,” the company said in the blog.

Cannabis advertisers on Twitter will still need to follow certain guidelines to promote their products. Advertisers need to be preapproved by Twitter and can only target users in locations where they’re licensed to promote cannabis products and services. Ads also can’t promote or offer the sale of cannabis, with a few exceptions for some topical CBD products.

Advertisers won’t be able to target users under 21 and can’t target or appeal to minors. Twitter also says ads can’t depict cannabis use or make efficacy and health claims.

But Twitter clearly sees the potential payouts for cannabis ads on the platform, saying internal data showed tweets about cannabis eclipsed topics like pets and cooking and industries like coffee and alcohol.