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Twitch now lets streamers tag channels in stream titles

Twitch now lets streamers tag channels in stream titles


Tag your friends to help others find their stream.

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Twitch logo against a pink and purple backdrop
Illustration: Nick Barclay / The Verge

Twitch will now let streamers tag other channels in their stream titles, according to a Friday tweet from Twitch’s support account. It’s a small feature but one that could be a really useful way for streamers to direct fans to interesting channels — and importantly, it’s a user-controlled tool.

With the new feature, streamers can enter “@[channel]” into a stream title to create a link. If you, as a viewer, hover over one of those links, you’ll see a small card that lets you visit that person’s stream, follow them, or check out their social networks they’ve opted to highlight.

A screenshot of the new tags on Twitch.
Here’s what the new links look like.
Image: Jay Peters / The Verge

I could see a few different uses for this feature. It makes a lot of sense as a way to highlight other streamers you might be playing with at a given time. But it could be a great way to point your audience to a streamer you like, which could help them grow their followings, too.

Right now, it can be tough to get discovered on Twitch; if you’re not featured on somebody’s homepage or at the top of an individual game’s page (whether by Twitch’s recommendations or viewer rankings), it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. (Though you can sort for streams on game pages from lowest to highest views if you want.) This tool, on the other hand, gives streamers the ability to point their fans to other streamers no matter where they might show up in other parts of the platform.