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Ikea’s Sonos-powered Symfonisk picture frame speaker is a screaming deal at $65 off

Ikea’s Sonos-powered Symfonisk picture frame speaker is a screaming deal at $65 off


The stealthy smart speaker is as cheap as it gets, clocking in at $194.99. Plus, excellent deals on a 32-inch curved Samsung gaming monitor, triple-A PlayStation 5 games, and another buy one, get one deal on keycaps.

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A photo of the Ikea Symfonisk Picture Frame Speaker on a wall next to a guitar and concert poster.
Day 588 and the other wall art still hasn’t noticed I am a speaker.
Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

Presidents Day is over, but there are some excellent deals still lingering as well as some fresh ones to accompany them. The Ikea Symfonisk picture frame speaker, which can disguise itself as wall art, is one of the most unusual smart speakers on the market, and it’s on sale for its lowest price of $194.99 ($65 off) direct from Ikea. This 16 x 22-inch speaker is part of Ikea’s partnership with Sonos, so it works natively with Sonos’ Wi-Fi-connected ecosystem. It has good sound quality for the money, about on par with the $219 Sonos One, but no Sonos speaker allows you to free up space on your furniture quite like the Symfonisk picture frame.

It may not be everyone’s style, especially if you’re not fond of the cable hanging from it, but the Symfonisk comes in black or white, and Ikea offers alternate artwork inserts for different looks. I personally own and use a Symfonisk picture frame in my home office, and of my handful of Sonos and Ikea speakers, it’s easily my favorite. Perhaps if I could figure out a way to “hack” in my own artwork, I’d dig it even more. Read our review.


One of Ikea’s most unusual collabs with Sonos, the Symfonisk picture frame speaker is a space-saving speaker with solid sound and unique looks. You can even daisy-chain two together without the need for a second power outlet.

Drop is back again with another buy one, get one free offer on various sets of its unique MT3 keycaps for Cherry-style mechanical keyboards. We saw Drop run the first promo deal on its newer DCX caps last week, but this one on the MT3 sets offers quite a variety of colors and designs — including Elvish and Dwarvish keycaps inspired by The Lord of the Rings.

If you buy one base or ortho kit (ranging from $120 to $130 for base and $75 for ortho), you get a second kit of equal or lesser value for free by using code HEREWEMT3BOGO through February 26th. This deal doesn’t stipulate that you have to choose a particular model for your first set like the DCX promo does, so you can select any two colorful sets you like. They’re fun to mix and match on one keyboard for a custom look if you find two that look good together (speaking from some personal experience here).


MT3 keycap designs feature a heavily scooped spherical top for your fingers to rest in as you type. These colorful sets are meant for Cherry-style keyboard switches. Drop is offering buy one, get one free on base and ortho kits when you use code HEREWEMT3BOGO until 11:59PM PT on February 26th.

Even in a basic white-on-black, MT3 keycaps look sharp. Many base sets also include some alternative colored keys.
Even in a basic white-on-black, MT3 keycaps look sharp. Many base sets also include some alternative colored keys.
Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

There are some excellent deals on first-party published PlayStation 5 games from the weekend that have stuck around. This includes The Last of Us Part I for $49.99 ($20 off) at Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart — which is a perfect time to jump into the latest and greatest version of Naughty Dog’s re-re-released hallmark title, especially if you’re keeping up with the show on HBO Max (warning: slight spoilers for episode six in that linked article).

A screenshot of Ellie and Joel in The Last of Us: Part I.

Sony and Naughty Dog gave The Last of Us a fresh coat of paint to make it look, sound, and play more like The Last of Us Part II, complete with a PlayStation 5 graphical makeover. If you missed out on the 2013 hit, you can play the prettiest, most refined version of it on PS5.

Other great PS5 deals on PlayStation Studios-published games include:

It’s a great time to jump into any of these titles, especially if you’ve been putting any of them off due to their regular $69.99 asking price.


Polyphony Digital’s latest in the long-running “Real Driving Simulator” series, Gran Turismo 7, is a celebration of cars, with an extensive campaign and photo mode.

The 32-inch curved Samsung Odyssey G7 gaming monitor is on sale for $599.99 at Amazon and direct from Samsung. That saves you $200 off the regular price of this QHD monitor, which has a fast 1ms response time and up to 240Hz refresh rate. In addition to supporting G-Sync and FreeSync to prevent screen tearing, it has a healthy dose of port selection — two USB-A 3.0 ports, two DisplayPorts, one HDMI 2.0 port, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

This is the exact model of the Samsung G7 that our senior editor Tom Warren has on his desk. It may not support 4K, but 2560 x 1440 resolution is just about right for this size of monitor and much less demanding, allowing your computer’s horsepower to handle that high frame rate for the smoothest gameplay.


One of Samsung’s curved gaming monitors with 240Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, HDR support, and QHD 2560 x 1440 resolution.

A desk in an alcove with three monitors, a geometrical design on the wall behind it, a colorful gaming keyboard, and a variety of other tech.
You can see the desk-mounted Samsung G7 sandwiched between a pair of vertical monitors in the center of this setup.
Photo by Tom Warren / The Verge

And another one three!

  • The collapsible Elgato Green Screen is on sale for $129.99 ($30 off) at Amazon. It measures around five by six feet when opened up and is quite handy for filming general videos, TikToks, or during livestreams on Twitch.
  • Hori’s Split Pad Compact controllers for the Nintendo Switch are $39.99 ($10 off) at Amazon in a slick light gray and yellow color combo. These Joy-Con alternatives make for comfier Switch gaming in handheld mode, complete with some extra rear buttons.
  • Amazon has a bunch of discounts on Samsung storage, ranging from a 128GB Samsung Pro Plus microSD card for $15.99 ($2 off) to a 1TB Samsung 980 Pro SSD with heatsink for $109.99 ($120 off its original MSRP). The former is a cost-effective way to double the storage of a Nintendo Switch OLED Model, and the latter is one of the best SSDs you can install into your PS5.