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No Man’s Sky is getting an overhauled VR mode with the launch of PSVR 2

No Man’s Sky is getting an overhauled VR mode with the launch of PSVR 2


The 4.1 update isn’t just about virtual reality, but also adds features like gyro controls and a speedy new starship.

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No Man’s Sky is one of many titles you can play on the now-released PlayStation VR2, but the game’s virtual reality mode on all VR platforms is getting a big overhaul as part of the new 4.1 “Fractal” update, developer Hello Games announced Wednesday.

One of the biggest changes with the Fractal update is that the game’s HUD and UI have been redesigned for VR. That means you’ll be able to look through your multitool’s options in a menu embedded in the multitool, for example, or look at your inventory on a wrist-mounted display.

Of course, there are a handful of features that take advantage of the PS5 and the PSVR 2. You’ll see increased draw distances and denser foliage while exploring planets, and the game will use the PSVR 2’s headset vibrations and 3D audio to help you feel more immersed in the game’s universe. I personally can’t wait to try it out on Sony’s new VR hardware.

The Fractal update isn’t just about VR, though: there are many new features for other platforms, too. There’s a new “Utopia Speeder” starship that can go really fast. PlayStation, Steam Deck, and Switch all support gyro controls. The game’s options have been refreshed, and Hello Games has added new accessibility features.

It all seems to add up to a pretty major update, and best of all, it’s available Wednesday. It’s just the latest of many recent updates for the more than six-year-old game, which launched on Nintendo Switch just last year.