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Popular video editing app LumaFusion now widely available for Android and ChromeOS

Popular video editing app LumaFusion now widely available for Android and ChromeOS


The award-winning professional video editor for Apple devices has been rebuilt to get the most out of Android and ChromeOS hardware.

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Following an open beta last year, LumaFusion is now widely available on Chromebooks and Android phones and tablets.

LumaFusion, a popular video editing app for iPhones, iPads, and Macs, is now widely available on Android and ChromeOS devices following an early access beta in November last year. Comparable to other well-regarded video editors like Final Cut Pro for macOS and Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve for iPad, LumaFusion provides powerful editing features like green screen and chroma key VFX effects, a magnetic timeline, color correction tools, and more to Chromebooks and Android tablets and phones.

The app has already proved to be a hit with filmmakers and content creators on Apple hardware, winning the App Store Award for iPad App of the Year in 2021. The developer LumaTouch also claims that LumaFusion has been downloaded 1.1 million times and completed over 68 million project exports since its launch in 2016.

A screengrab of someone using the LumaFusion video editing app on a desktop computer.
LumaFusion provides simple, yet powerful video editing tools including track layering, cropping, audio mixing, custom titling, and multi-layer effects with keyframing.
Image: LumaTouch

It hasn’t just been ported over to Android either, with LumaTouch noting that it assembled a team of “experienced Android developers” to recreate this new version of LumaFusion specifically for the platform. It also optimized the software to take advantage of the unique capabilities of Chromebooks and Android phones and tablets.

Chromebooks aren’t exactly known for their creative capabilities, so the options for professional video editing tools prior to this release have been rather limited. Given schools tend to favor Chromebooks because of their affordability, LumaFusion could now provide students with better access to learn video editing techniques.

LumaFusion for Android is available to download now on the Google Play Store for $30 — the same price as its Apple counterpart, and up from its initial $19.99 price in beta. Those who have already purchased the cheaper beta version won’t be required to pay an additional fee to access the full LumaFusion release.