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Tuesday’s top tech news: a new AI-powered era for Microsoft Bing

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Today Microsoft demonstrated new versions of its Bing search engine and Edge web browser that use an artificial intelligence “copilot” to organize and find information. Powered by OpenAI technology, it takes requests that you ask in normal language and comes up with responses to things like “Give me a meal plan for a family of four with vegetarian options and caters to people who don’t like nuts.”

And speaking of new Eras, my colleague Chris Welch has a scoop on Sonos’ upcoming speaker lineup set to debut in the coming months. We now know that they’re set to be branded as “Era,” with specific models including the Era 300 and Era 100. The former will apparently focus on spatial audio, and support playback of Dolby Atmos content.

Finally, this year’s Super Bowl looks like it’s going to be free of the cryptocurrency promotions that filled its ad spots last year. It’s yet another sign of the winter that the crypto industry is currently in.

And now, here’s a silly tweet to start your day.

Stay tuned, as we continue to update this list with the most important news of today: Tuesday, February 7th, 2023.