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A live-action Spider-Man Noir series is coming from Amazon

A live-action Spider-Man Noir series is coming from Amazon


Amazon is reportedly developing a live-action Spider-Man Noir series set in its own new universe.

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A tight shot of a man in a black and white Spider-Man suit wearing a black fedora and a high-collared trench coat, and holding a lit match in front of his face.
Spider-Man Noir holding on to a lit match.
Image: Sony / Marvel Studios

Spider-Man Noir might not be returning in Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse sequels, but apparently the hardboiled, black-and-white Marvel hero is about to make his live-action debut in a new Amazon series.

Variety reports that Sony and Amazon are developing a currently untitled Spider-Man series that “will follow an older, grizzled superhero in 1930s New York City.” The new show — which is being executive produced by Oren Uziel, Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, and Amy Pascal — will be set in its own universe and will not focus on Peter Parker. Word of the new series comes just a few weeks after Nicolas Cage — who voiced a version of Spider-Man Noir in Into the Spider-Verse — told Screen Rant that he hadn’t been asked to return for Across the Spider-Verse and wasn’t sure what the future held for the character.

Even if it weren’t an Amazon Studios project, the idea of a live-action, black-and-white Spider-Man show about someone who isn’t Peter Parker would still sound a bit strange given how focused on the original webhead Marvel Studios and Sony have been. But because Sony owns all of the film rights to a substantial portion of the entire Spider-Man brand, it’s in a position to partner with studios like Amazon to put out projects like this and Angela Kang’s previously announced Silk: Spider Society.