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Twitter’s timelines stopped working this morning

Twitter’s timelines stopped working this morning


Normal service is now resumed, but users reported that their For You and Following timelines weren’t loading this morning. It’s yet another Twitter outage in recent months.

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A black Twitter logo over a red illustration
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Twitter was having difficulties this morning, with users reporting that the site’s timelines were inaccessible. After hours of intermittent service, they seem to have been fixed.

The problems were limited in scope: the site itself was still accessible and users were able to tweet, but the “Following” and “For You” timelines weren’t loading. There was a spike of reports for the site on DownDetector starting around 5AM ET, with users in the US, UK, and elsewhere reporting outages. But, as of around 7:45AM ET, it seems these problems have been mostly fixed. Feeds are loading once more and normal misery service is resumed.

Here’s what Twitter looked like this morning. What happened? Well, we don’t know.

A screenshot of a blank timeline on
Welcome to Twitter! Hope you like nothing!
Image: The Verge

There’s been no word on the cause of the outage so far from Twitter Support, but the site has been increasingly glitchy since Elon Musk’s takeover and widespread layoffs. The company itself seems to be slowly falling apart, with reports of internal tools like Slack and Jira shutting down without warning, leaving employees to take unscheduled days off.

Update, March 1st, 07:04AM ET: Updated story to note that the “For You” timeline is accessible but the “Following” timeline is not.

Update, March 1st, 07:45AM ET: Updated story to note restored functionality.