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Microsoft Copilot leak shows AI automatically creating a PowerPoint presentation

Microsoft Copilot leak shows AI automatically creating a PowerPoint presentation


Microsoft is holding a big AI for work event later today, and it looks like a new Copilot for Office apps is on the way.

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An illustration of Microsoft’s new Copilot feature for Microsoft 365
Image: H0x0d (Twitter)

Microsoft is holding a big AI event later today, but one of the announcements appears to have just leaked. Twitter user h0x0d has published details of a PowerPoint Copilot feature, which appears to include ChatGPT-like AI that will create presentations for you.

The Copilot appears in a sidebar in an online version of PowerPoint where you can ask the assistant to create a presentation based on a Word document. PowerPoint then immediately drafts a presentation, complete with a full slide deck based on the contents of the Word document supplied.

There are even options to ask the Copilot assistant to “add animations to this slide” or “apply a modern style to the presentation,” suggesting that you’ll also be able to control PowerPoint features using this chatbot. This could let PowerPoint users customize slides without having to know exactly how to use some of the more complex features that exist in Microsoft’s productivity apps.

The feature looks similar to how Google will use AI in Slides to add imagery, audio, and video to illustrate presentations. Google announced its AI additions to Gmail, Docs, Slides, and other Google Workspace productivity apps earlier this week, just ahead of Microsoft’s AI event.

Microsoft is holding its special “reinventing productivity with AI” event at 8AM PT / 11AM ET today. The Verge revealed last month that Microsoft was planning an AI event in March to demo how its new ChatGPT-like AI will transform its Office productivity apps. CEO Satya Nadella and head of Microsoft 365 Jared Spataro will host the event, and The Verge will be covering all the announcements as they happen.