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Slay vampiric gods in Redfall’s new story trailer

Slay vampiric gods in Redfall’s new story trailer


The story of how Redfall, Mass, got flipped turned upside down, literally.

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Redfall, Arkane Austin’s co-op vampire shooter, has a new story trailer that gets to the heart of just what happened to Redfall, Massachusetts. Apparently, some bloodsucking scientists at the mysterious Aevum Therapeutics did a bit of medical malpractice and accidentally (or purposely) summoned ancient vampire gods in their quest to attain immortality. As a result, Redfall got flipped turned upside down by the ravenous gods, and it’s up to our four heroes to slay the gods and save the city.

The trailer starts with a voiceover of a woman explaining how her blood was supposed to be the cure for everything. If that sounds familiar, maybe Redfall’s trying to capture the waning energies of The Last of Us season finale.

It won’t be too long now until Redfall’s out in the wild. After a delay pushed it and Starfield into 2023 (with Starfield moved once more from the first half of 2023 to a September release date), Redfall is now due to launch on May 2nd on Xbox and PC, with a same-day release on Xbox Game Pass.