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Samsung introduces modular camera accessories for the Galaxy S23 series

Samsung introduces modular camera accessories for the Galaxy S23 series


Two new mounted phone stands have been spotted that support the Samsung Galaxy S23 Gadget Case.

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The Samsung Slim Tripod stand and Camera Grip stand for the Galaxy S23 series.
Both of the Samsung S23 series camera mount accessories are designed to be compact and adjustable for those that need tripod options on the go.
Image: Samsung

Samsung has introduced a pair of camera accessories designed to work with the Galaxy S23 series’ modular Gadget Case. Spotted by WinFuture’s Roland Quandt, the two phone mounts — the Slim Tripod stand and the Camera Grip stand listed on a number of Samsung’s online stores — provide flexible options for photography, video calling, and positioning the phone hands-free. Both accessories connect to the S23 Series Gadget Case, replacing its default PopSocket-like kickstand grip attachment.

The Slim Tripod is an adjustable phone stand that provides flexible options for positioning the device in both landscape and portrait orientations, featuring collapsible tripod legs that can be folded flat against the accessory when not in use. When the legs are flattened and not folded away, the mount can be used as a one-handed grip for shooting video. The Slim Tripod is available in silver and is currently listed on the UK Samsung store for £34 (around $41).

Product shots of the Samsung Slim Tripod for the Galaxy S23 series.


The Slim Tripod doubles as a one-handed grip when flattened for added stability while vlogging or video calling on the go.
Image: Samsung

The Camera Grip stand is a compact miniature tripod that allows Galaxy S23 phones to stand in either a landscape or portrait orientation, with a detachable Bluetooth shutter button for snapping photographs or video at a distance. Aside from steadying the device during video calls or watching content hands-free (say, watching YouTube in the bath, or TikTok while cooking), the stand can also be tilted at an angle for additional flexibility while filming. The tripod legs of the mounting accessory can be collapsed and concealed within the body of the stand making it easier to carry. The Camera Grip isn’t available to purchase via the UK store, however, we spotted the phone mount on Samsung’s Hong Kong store for HK$385 (around $45).

Product shots of the Samsung Camera Grip stand for the Galaxy S23 series.


The tripod legs of the Camera Grip stand can be concealed within the mount when not in use and supports a variety of shooting options for photography and video.
Image: Samsung

Neither of the new camera mounts are listed on the US store yet, though that’s likely to change. We have reached out to Samsung to clarify US pricing and availability, and will update this story should we hear back.