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Dan Harmon’s NFT animated series has already been renewed for a third season

Dan Harmon’s NFT animated series has already been renewed for a third season


Krapopolis, Dan Harmon’s next animated series, hasn’t even aired yet, but Fox plans to go all in on the blockchain ‘curated’ project with multiple seasons.

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From left to right: an illustration of a mint green man with his head in a glass bowl suspended on four long legs that end in wheels; a bearded manticore; a man in a toga sitting on a throne; a floating woman with purple hair in a toga holding a golden chalice; and a muscular woman in lorica segmentata.
The characters of Krapopolis.
Image: Fox

Krapopolis, Fox’s animated series from Dan Harmon about a family of deities, monsters, and humans trying to keep an ancient city running smoothly, seemed like it might not ever see the light of day judging from the way Fox kept bumping its release date back. But according to a new report, Fox is still committed to the project and its accompanying NFT marketplace — so much so that it’s already given Krapopolis an order for another season.

Deadline reports that Fox has ordered a third season of Krapopolis ahead of its new planned premiere date sometime in the fall / winter television season bridging the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024. Originally, a small preview of Krapopolis was intended to air in November of last year, but those plans were scrapped and the series was pushed back to May of this year. Now, however, Fox plans to premiere the show during football season in hopes that people will be inclined to stay parked on the channel and give new programming a shot.

Speaking to Deadline at this year’s London TV Screenings exhibition, Michael Thorn, Fox’s head of scripted programming, was extremely confident in Krapopolis’ chances for success and said that, internally, the show’s been something of a hit.

“The 2023-24 season is the perfect launching pad for this highly anticipated and very funny animated comedy, complete with multiple seasons of epic laughs for fans,” said Thorn. “The more we see from production, the more excited we are about their creativity, story arcs, flawless execution, brilliant voice cast, and ability to pump out episode after episode of astonishing events and outrageous, unexpected hilarity.”

Of course, these are exactly the sorts of things you’d expect an entertainment executive to say about one of their shows at an event where the network hopes to hammer out international distribution deals. Along with the show itself, Fox’s Blockchain Creative Labs will launch an NFT-based store where people can buy digital goods and access exclusive content as well as a private Discord channel for fans. 

Because Fox has kept Krapopolis on ice for so long and not made much of an effort to share all that much about it with the public, it’s hard to tell how much interest there is in the series or the idea of buying into an NFT ecosystem related to it. But if and when Krapopolis does end up airing, it’s going to be very interesting to see if the entire thing takes off the way Fox is hoping or if it all withers on the vine.