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Disney’s Haunted Mansion remake lives up to its name in new teaser trailer

Disney’s Haunted Mansion remake lives up to its name in new teaser trailer


Director Justin Simien’s new Haunted Mansion remake pits a mother and son and a team full of spiritualists against a house full of ornery ghosts with nothing but time to kill.

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Pirates of the Caribbean aside, Disney’s movies based on its theme park attractions have never really popped the way it hoped for. But if there’s one takeaway from the first trailer for director Justin Simien’s Haunted Mansion, it’s that the studio is hell-bent on figuring out how to make these things work, no matter how long it takes.

The new Haunted Mansion tells the story of single mom Gabbie (Rosario Dawson) and her son Travis (Chase Dillon) as the duo moves into a sprawling, old mansion in Louisiana’s French Quarter and quickly realize that the place is downright infested with ghosts. Rather than doing the sensible thing — moving — or trying to deal with the haunting themselves, Gabbie enlists a ragtag group of spiritualists like Harriet the psychic (Tiffany Haddish), a priest named Kent (Owen Wilson), as well as part-time tour guide Ben (LaKeith Stanfield) to help get rid the mansion’s ghosts.

Unsurprisingly, hijinks ensue as the living and the dead square off in a fight for the house, but what does come as somewhat of a pleasant shock is how slick, rather than kitschy or overtly silly, the trailer makes the movie seem.

Haunted Mansion also stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Danny DeVito, Dan Levy, Winona Ryder, and Hasan Minhaj. The movie’s slated to hit theaters on July 28th.