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Zack Snyder teases ‘ridiculous scale’ RPG set in the universe of his new Netflix film

Zack Snyder teases ‘ridiculous scale’ RPG set in the universe of his new Netflix film


The RPG is takes place in the universe of the forthcoming Rebel Moon movie.

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Zack Snyder
Photo by VES 2021 via Getty Images

Zack Snyder, known for films like 300 and the four-hour “Snyder Cut” of Justice League, is working on an RPG set in the universe of his forthcoming Netflix sci-fi movie Rebel Moon, he teased in a podcast interview on Sunday.

“The one thing that I’m really having a really good time with is — and I don’t even know if I’m supposed to talk about it — this RPG that we’re doing that is just literally insane and so immersive and so intense and so huge,” Snyder said in an interview on The Nerd Queens podcast.

Snyder didn’t share many details beyond that and the Rebel Moon connection — he doesn’t even specify what kind of RPG it is, though it seems like a video game — but he mentioned that he didn’t want to make a “causal” game and that he wanted the game to be done at “ridiculous scale.”

We’ll have to wait to hear more about what this game could be, but I’m personally skeptical. Planning for “ridiculous scale” might mean that the game bites off more than it can chew and hopefully won’t come at the expense of the development team. It could have tough competition from another big new sci-fi title in Bethesda’s long-awaited Starfield, which looks to be on a pretty ridiculous scale of its own. And since Rebel Moon doesn’t debut until December 22nd, we won’t know if it’s an interesting universe for a game for quite a while.

For now, we’ll have to wonder about how good this Rebel Moon game might be. If you’re looking for a Snyder fix in the near term, you can always watch the black-and-white version of the Snyder Cut again (though now I’m wondering what a game based on that would be like).