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Adobe Express is trying to make everyone at the office a designer

Adobe Express is trying to make everyone at the office a designer


The Enterprise tier Adobe Express platform introduces collaborative workflow integrations and, eventually, ‘commercially safe’ generative AI tools.

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A screenshot of Adobe Express for Enterprise showing the page for uploading company assets.
By integrating with Adobe’s AEM application, both company assets and completed designs can be shared freely across the organization without jumping between platforms.
Image: Adobe

Adobe has unveiled Adobe Express for Enterprise, a new version of the Adobe Express cloud-based design platform that’s meant to make content creation more accessible for those without professional design experience. Announced today at the Adobe Summit conference, Adobe Express for Enterprise is available now as part of an Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise subscription (starting at $36 a month per license) and is meant to support collaboration across organizations.

Adobe is also introducing new generative AI tools to the service that’ll enable users to quickly create designs or word art that is safe to use in commercial applications, freeing up graphic designers to focus on more pressing workloads.

Adobe Express (previously called Adobe Spark) is an easy-to-use design platform for web and mobile that can be used to quickly create graphics, videos, PDFs, and more. If you’ve ever used Canva, then you’ll be familiar with the premise. The standard version of Adobe Express provides a limited selection of basic design tools and 2GB of storage for free. Non-Enterprise users can fully unlock the platform’s more advanced design creation and editing tools, premium assets, templates, Adobe Fonts, and Adobe Stock images by subscribing to Adobe Express Premium for $9.99 a month.

A screenshot of Adobe Express for Enterprise displaying how company assets are laid out within the web app.
The idea here is that companies can have all of their branded assets readily available in Adobe Express, rather than have employees manually upload them from a different shared drive.
Image: Adobe

While the other tiers are designed for individual users, the new Enterprise tier for Adobe Express introduces collaborative workflows for entire organizations by integrating natively with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Adobe’s content and digital asset management application. The integration allows Enterprise users to access company assets like brand logos or videos from Adobe’s Creative Cloud Libraries without manually uploading the content to Adobe Express, effectively providing a centralized creative hub that can be accessed by anyone in the business. Custom templates can be created by designers using specific corporate assets — such as social media or email templates with consistent logos, fonts, and brand colors — that noncreatives can then adjust to quickly deliver end-to-end content without jumping between multiple applications or team members.

Creative Cloud applications like Photoshop and Illustrator will eventually be integrated with Adobe Express for Enterprise

The Adobe Express for Enterprise package comes with team storage (1TB storage for businesses or 100GB storage for individuals) and includes access to Photoshop Express. Govind Balakrishnan, senior vice president for Adobe Express, confirmed to The Verge that additional integrations for Creative Cloud applications like Photoshop and Illustrator will eventually be available for Express for Enterprise users. There’s currently no estimated release date available for these integrations.

Adobe is also adding Adobe Firefly, its new family of generative AI models, to the Adobe Express for Enterprise platform. Adobe Firefly is currently available in public beta as two tools: a text-to-image generator akin to OpenAI’s DALL-E and a text generator that creates word art effects. Adobe claims its Firefly generational tools are perfectly safe for commercial use, having trained the AI model on Adobe stock images and openly licensed content. There’s no confirmation on when Firefly will be available on Adobe Express yet, but Balakrishnan confirmed to The Verge that Adobe Express, Photoshop, and Illustrator will be the first three platforms integrated with the feature.