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Amazon is shutting down DPReview, the go-to camera reviews website

Amazon is shutting down DPReview, the go-to camera reviews website


It’s unclear what will happen to the nearly 25 years’ worth of reviews, news, and photography that have come from the site.

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Screenshot of, displaying an announcement that it’s closing.
Take a good look — this may only be available “for a limited period.”

Amazon will be shutting down DPReview, the trusted and comprehensive camera reviews website, as part of the 18,000 job cuts it announced in January. According to an announcement posted on the site, the DPReview team will continue publishing reviews and other content until April 10th, after which “the site will be locked, with no further updates made.”

The site, started in 1998, has become a cornerstone of camera journalism through thorough and thoughtful reviews. If you ever researched DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, or lenses, you’ve almost certainly come across its content. Personally, I spent hours pouring over the outlet’s charts, image samples, and notes on autofocus performance before I bought my first big camera, a Nikon D500.

Unfortunately, it seems like the almost 25 years’ worth of content may only be available for a little while longer. The announcement says that the site will remain “available in read-only mode for a limited period afterwards,” which makes it sound like the entire site could be removed afterward, erasing an important part of modern camera history from the internet. We’ve reached out to Amazon to see if this really means that all the articles and reviews on the site are going away and will let you know if we hear back.

The DPReview YouTube channel, which is a legendary institution in its own right, will also be coming to an end. Again, we’ve asked Amazon if those videos will still be available in the future. Jordan Drake, one of the hosts for DPReview TV, says that he and co-host Chris Niccolls will continue to make YouTube videos, though almost certainly on a new channel.

DPReview has been under Amazon’s wing for a long time — the retail giant acquired the publication and its forums in 2007, though it’s always been a bit confusing as to why it’d want to own a photography review site.

Speaking of the forums, the company’s Tuesday announcement says that you have until April 6th to “request a download of all the photos and text you’ve uploaded to the site.”

DPReview is one of many cuts that Amazon is making. In January, the company’s CEO, Andy Jassy, announced sweeping reductions to help lower costs, and it’s since announced 9,000 additional layoffs. The most recent round will affect workers at Twitch and AWS as well as the company’s advertising and human resources divisions.

According to DPReview’s “About Us” page, there are currently 11 staff members for the site.