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Instagram has started putting ads in search results

Instagram has started putting ads in search results


Yes, Instagram’s getting even more ads, and they’ll show up when you tap into a post on Instagram’s search results page and start scrolling.

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The Instagram icon is featured in the middle of a background filled with pink, orange, and purple shapes.
Illustration by Kristen Radtke / The Verge

More ads are coming to Instagram, and this time, they’re invading the platform’s search results. In a post on its blog, Instagram says it has started letting companies slip ads into the feed that appears when you tap into a post in Instagram’s search results. The change is just a test for now, but Instagram plans on launching the new placement globally “in the coming months.”

While Instagram’s post vaguely states the ads will “reach people actively searching for businesses, products and content,” company spokesperson Shenny Barboza has since confirmed to The Verge that “ads will show up for search terms that fall within our community and recommendation guidelines.” That means we could potentially see ads on all the searches that meet those criteria.

Here’s what Instagram’s “reminder” ads will look like.
Here’s what Instagram’s “reminder” ads will look like.
Image: Instagram

In addition to ads in search results, Instagram’s also rolling out something called “reminder ads,” which seem less annoying than they sound. They send push notifications to remind you of an upcoming event or important date — but, fortunately, it’s only if you opt in to receive them. The example shown by Instagram has a “Remind me” option embedded into an ad for the season premiere of a TV show. Tapping into that option lets you opt in to a reminder, which occurs one day before the event, 15 minutes before, and at the start time.

Instagram has only been adding more and more ads over the years, which now populate the platform’s Explore page, Explore feeds, Reels, Stories, and even user profiles. I can’t say I’m surprised that Instagram’s bringing them to search result feeds as well, but I will be mourning the loss of yet another part of the platform where my scrolling isn’t interrupted by ads.

Update March 21st, 6:56PM ET: Updated to add a statement from an Instagram spokesperson.