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HP’s new Omen gaming monitors leave you spoiled for choice

HP’s new Omen gaming monitors leave you spoiled for choice


HP has announced nine new Omen gaming monitors that cover a range of sizes, speeds, and specifications at a reasonable price.

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A lifestyle image depicting three new HP Omen gaming monitors on a desk. The room in the image is illuminated with colorful “gamer” lighting.
Ranging from 24 inches to a 34-inch curved ultrawide, HP’s new Omen gaming monitors offer a variety of features to suit working from home, gaming, and creative work.
Image: HP

HP has unveiled a new range of Omen gaming monitors, designed for switching between work, gaming, and content creation. Announced today at HP’s Amplify Partner Conference, there are nine new Omen monitors coming “this spring” in a wide range of shapes and sizes with distinct features to suit different needs.

The $579.99 Omen 27k gaming monitor is HP’s standout product from the new portfolio. It’s especially tempting if you work from home and find yourself having to switch peripherals between your work machine and your personal gaming PC each day. It looks like a reasonably priced jack-of-all-trades with specifications that are solid on paper.

The new HP Omen 27k gaming monitor displayed at various angles.


The HP Omen 27k is a jack-of-all-trades monitor that can be used for gaming or content creation, and easily swapped over to a work device using its built-in KVM switch.
Image: HP

The Omen 27k sports a 27-inch 4K (3840 x 2160) display, a 1ms response time, and a 144Hz refresh rate. It supports gaming features like AMD FreeSync for reduced screen tearing and customizable aRGB lighting on the rear of the monitor. For hybrid working, the Omen 27k includes a built-in KVM switch that allows users to quickly switch between laptop or desktop machines without needing to physically swap their keyboard and mouse. The display also supports DisplayHDR 400 and up to 99 percent sRGB and 95 percent DCI-P3 color gamut coverage, making it suitable for entry-level creative work like video editing or graphic design.

Other models are available that offer different sizes and features, ranging from the $199.99 entry-level HP Omen 24 — a 24-inch 1080p display running at 165Hz without a KVM switch — to the curved Omen 34c, HP’s largest monitor offering in this collection. The $479.99 Omen 34c is a 34-inch ultrawide gaming monitor, sporting a 21:9 aspect ratio, 1440p resolution, HDR support, and a 1500R curve for an immersive gaming experience.

The HP Omen 34c gaming monitor against a white backdrop.
The 34-inch HP Omen 34c is the largest monitor in the new range, sporting a 21:9 aspect ratio and a 1500R curve.
Image: HP

Five of the new HP Omen monitors offer 27-inch displays, and the features can be determined at a glance by referencing the letter at the end of each monitor’s name. For example, the “q” in HP Omen 27q is short for “QHD” (Quad High Definition), which means it has a 1440p resolution. The “s” in Omen 27s likely represents “speed,” as these models support a faster refresh rate of 240Hz. The Omen 27qs features both a 1440p resolution and a 240hz refresh rate. Three larger displays — the Omen 32q, Omen 32c, and the Omen 34c — follow the same principle, with “c” representing a curved display.

All nine of HP’s new Omen gaming monitors announced in March 2023. The monitors are lined up against a white backdrop.
All nine of HP’s new Omen gaming monitors have something to offer, be it one (or a combination of) high resolution, a curved display, speed, and size.
Image: HP

All of the new HP Omen gaming monitors have HDR support, AMD FreeSync, and are certified for at least VESA ClearMR 5000 (a motion blur specification — the higher the number, the less motion blur you’ll see). Each model also includes a height-adjustable stand that can be tilted or pivoted into the ideal viewing position. DisplayHDR 400 and customizable aRGB lighting are included on the Omen 27s, Omen 27qs, and the Omen 27k, which can be adjusted in HP’s Omen Light Studio. Two integrated speakers are included on the Omen 27s, Omen 27qs, Omen 27k, and Omen 34c.

None of this is especially groundbreaking. There are other hardware brands that have produced monitors with similar features and specifications, but HP’s range here is surprisingly affordable for what you get.

The HP Omen 27qs is available to preorder today at Best Buy and will be available on the HP website sometime in Q2 later this year. All other HP Omen gaming monitors from the range will be available in Q2 later this year at and Best Buy.