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Reddit’s new features include a TikTok-style video feed

Reddit’s new features include a TikTok-style video feed


Reddit is splitting text and video content into two separate feeds.

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Reddit is working on a TikTok-esque feature and splitting text and video posts into separate feeds, the company announced today. Video content on Reddit will be pulled into the Watch feed view, while text content will appear in the Read feed.

The feeds will have a combination of posts from subreddits users are subscribed to, plus recommendations to start over the next few weeks as the company tests how users respond to the split views.

Creating a feed dedicated solely to video content is like a “videofication” of the platform, Pali Bhat, Reddit’s chief product officer, said on Decoder today. Bhat says the change will allow Reddit’s 500 million monthly users to engage in the format they’re most interested in and to move between formats more seamlessly. Reddit will also experiment with features like video reactions in the future.

The change is part of a larger effort to simplify the Reddit app and make it easier to use — and to scoop up more users. Historically, many people have complained that the platform feels inaccessible, whether it’s because of a complicated-looking interface, an intimidating forum structure, or distinct community norms and practices. The mobile app is no exception: even some seasoned Reddit users prefer third-party alternatives for using the platform on their phone.

Reddit has promised to simplify and streamline the platform experience. So far, that’s been focused on improving search: in February, the company announced that users would be able to search for keywords within posts.