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TikTok introduces paywalled content, with videos up to 20 minutes long

TikTok introduces paywalled content, with videos up to 20 minutes long


Creators will be able to put premium content behind paywalls for fans to purchase.

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The TikTok logo on a white background with repeating circle imagery scattered throughout.
Illustration by Nick Barclay / The Verge

TikTok is adding another way for creators to make money on the platform: by putting exclusive content behind a paywall. And those videos can be much longer than the typical TikTok, too.

The company today announced a new program, Series, that allows content creators to make collections of videos that are available for purchase. Each collection can have up to 80 videos in it, and clips can be up to 20 minutes long — a length that feels closer to a YouTube vlog than a bite-size TikTok. Creators will be able to set their rates from $1 to $190, and fans can buy access using direct in-video links or from the creator’s profile page.

The paywall monetization model is akin to other creator platforms like Patreon or OnlyFans, but content guidelines on TikTok will remain the same. Paywalls are available to select creators for now, with applications opening up in the coming months.

Creators haven’t been entirely happy with how much they earn on TikTok

At launch, TikTok will let creators keep all of their revenue, minus processing and app store fees, which likely means losing more than a 30 percent cut. TikTok didn’t share what the revenue split would look like when it starts taking a cut, too. Purchases have to be made through the TikTok app, but creators will be able to use a new Series website to publish videos and track performance.

TikTok has rolled out a handful of creator tools and monetization options over the past few months, hoping to boost growth in the US and compete with other platforms like YouTube. Helping content creators make money — and thus keep them on TikTok — is a priority, especially as companies like YouTube open up ad revenue sharing options for Shorts, its TikTok competitor.

Historically, creators haven’t been entirely happy with how much they earn on TikTok. The original $1 billion creator fund, introduced in 2020, allocated money for three years — and some participants have said they earn just pennies when their content isn’t going viral.

The 20-minute video feature is notable, and it’s not just your imagination — TikToks are getting longer. The company has gradually upped the maximum video length to 10 minutes, and now that will double for premium content. The company is incentivizing creators to make longer content, too: last month, TikTok announced a revamped creator fund called the Creativity Program that only rewards videos longer than a minute.