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Verizon’s Plus Play hub adds a free year of Netflix if you buy another subscription

Verizon’s Plus Play hub adds a free year of Netflix if you buy another subscription


You’ll be able to get a free year of Netflix Premium, but with one catch: you’ll have to sign up for an annual subscription to select Plus Play partners like AMC Plus, Calm, the Peloton App, and Paramount Plus.

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Starting March 12th, Verizon says customers can get a free year of Netflix Premium for a limited time when they sign up for a one-year subscription to select Plus Play partner platforms. Those who took advantage of last year’s similar Netflix promotion are not eligible for this deal, however.

For the unfamiliar, Verizon’s Plus Play is a hub for Verizon customers that centralizes subscriptions to content services spanning from entertainment to fitness. The pitch is that it makes it easier for customers to manage subscriptions across multiple devices via their Verizon account while also informing them of exclusive deals. But it also gives Verizon useful information about its customers, a cut of the revenue, and another reason why customers shouldn’t switch their wireless service to another carrier.

Netflix Premium includes ad-free access to Ultra HD content and lets users watch on four devices at a time, making it ideal for families. It normally costs $19.99 per month, so this deal amounts to $240 in annual savings (less the extra subscription you pick up).

Partners included in the Netflix offer include AMC Plus, Calm, the Peloton App, Starz, and Super Duolingo. You can also sign up with some of Verizon’s newest partners, like Paramount Plus and MasterClass.

Verizon also announced eight other new partners, though it’s not clear if they’ll be included in the offer. They include streaming services like Hallmark TV, Marquee TV, FlixLatino, KOCOWA Plus, UP Faith and Family, Quello Concerts by Stingray, and Wondrium. Meal delivery service Blue Apron is also a new partner and announced it would grant exclusive deals to Plus Play customers.

The hub was launched to a select group of customers last year with the plan to expand access in the future. Platforms offered through Plus Play include the likes of HBO Max, NFL, Netflix, Peloton, Disney Plus, and NBA League Pass Premium.