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The developers behind Alto’s Odyssey tease their next release

The developers behind Alto’s Odyssey tease their next release


We don’t know much about Laya’s Horizon, but it’ll be coming to Netflix.

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The developers at Snowman, best known for the Alto series of chill snowboarding games, are teasing their next adventure. It’s called Laya’s Horizon... and that’s about all we know right now. The game was announced via a brief teaser, which shows off a charming seaside village among some mountains before zooming out to reveal a caped character. The description simply reads, “A whole new world is just beyond the horizon.”

While we don’t know when Laya’s Horizon will be launching or how it will actually play, we at least know where to find it. The game is coming to Netflix, which offers mobile games as part of its subscription. This will be Snowman’s second release on the platform following the unique platformer Lucky Luna, which released last year.

In fact, the studio has been a large presence in the burgeoning world of mobile game subscriptions, with several titles — including an updated version of Alto’s Odyssey — available on Apple Arcade. “We’re just sort of watching it unfold in front of us,” Snowman’s Ryan Cash told The Verge last year, speaking about working in this new space.

Laya’s Horizon is currently listed as “coming soon.”