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Capcom’s dinosaur shooter is coming to Game Pass this summer

Capcom’s dinosaur shooter is coming to Game Pass this summer


Exoprimal launches on July 13th on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Game Pass.

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Screenshot from Exoprimal featuring two exosuits in a standoff in a ruin city
Image: Capcom

Exoprimal, the online multiplayer dinosaur destruction derby game that is, for some reason, not a remake of Dino Crisis, finally has a release date. Capcom announced a slew of other news for the game as a part of its March 2023 presentation. Check out the latest trailer here.

Though it’s a rough time to release a live-service game with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s release date getting pushed back along with an unfortunate amount of game shut-downs, Exoprimal is slated for release on July 13th. If you can’t wait that long, Capcom also shared that an open beta would be taking place March 17th through 19th — curiously the same dates as the early access open beta of Diablo IV. Check out the website for more details on how to join the open beta.

Despite looking like a generic dinosaur killing game at first blush, the bits and pieces of story moments sprinkled throughout the presentation seemed to indicate a much deeper story than cool robots fighting dinosaurs. There’s mention of time travel, body doubles, and perhaps the hint that the enemies aren’t the dinosaurs at all.

Exoprimal releases on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC and will also be available on Xbox Game Pass on July 13th.