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Support for PS4 game creation tool Dreams is ending in September

Support for PS4 game creation tool Dreams is ending in September


Media Molecule plans to focus on a new project that is not Dreams 2 or anything involving Dreams IP.

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Screenshot from Dreams featuring the game’s two mascots: Connie, a purple square with a blue flame for a head, and Cuthbert, an orange cone holding a pencil
Image: Media Molecule

Today, Media Molecule has announced it’s terminating live support for its game creation engine, Dreams.

“As we continue to evaluate and evolve our priorities for the studio and Dreams, we’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue live support for Dreams after 1st September, 2023,” the announcement read.

Dreams isn’t shutting down entirely, so players will still be able to create things like this rendering of an English breakfast that is so realistic that it actually makes the meal look appetizing. But there won’t be any more updates to the game nor will Media Molecule continue to host community-centered events like DreamsCom or the Impy Awards.

The shutdown unfortunately answers one of the questions the Dreams community has long asked: when will you be able to export creations (called “dreams”) away from the Sony-exclusive platform? Players can already export and monetize image-based creations like art and music videos, but actual interactable content has remained siloed. In past interviews, Dreams developers have said they were working on ways for players to export their games elsewhere, but that never came to fruition and seems unlikely now that the game’s support is ending.

The ability to export and potentially monetize something made with a proprietary creation platform is a big deal. Players using Roblox or Fortnite already have methods in place to share their work within the system, but Epic CEO Tim Sweeney thinks there will be a future where a game made in Fortnite could be transferred to Unreal, Epic’s more formal game engine.

Media Molecule is also working on migrating Dreams’ servers for continued security and stability. This will curtail the amount of storage space available for Dreams creations after the server migration. You can find all the details here, including other minor updates the team is making to Dreams prior to September 1st.

Though Dreams is done, Media Molecule says that it’s working on a new project. It wouldn’t share details on that project but confirmed that it would not be a sequel to Dreams or anything Dreams-related.