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Google Fi has a new name and expanded connectivity support for smartwatches

Google Fi has a new name and expanded connectivity support for smartwatches


Now named Google Fi Wireless, Google’s cell service also offers a ‘free’ phone for each line added to any plan.

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The logo for Google Fi Wireless in a circle surrounded by geometric shapes.
Google Fi has been rebranded as Google Fi Wireless, complete with a new logo for the service.
Image: Google / The Verge

Google Fi is getting a new name and some new features. The service is now going by the name Google Fi Wireless, adding some much-needed clarity as to the nature of Google’s relatively unknown wireless carrier, and it’s adding new perks for subscribers as it rolls out the updated branding.

The first big change is around smartwatches. Google Fi Wireless’ plans will now support Samsung’s Watch 5, in addition to the Pixel Watch. The service is also expanding smartwatch support to its Simply Unlimited plan, where previously it was only available on Google Fi’s Unlimited Plus and Flexible plans. All three plans support smartwatch connections at no additional cost, allowing the devices to stay connected without a phone. The device options here are still frustratingly limited — there’s no Apple Watch support here — but at least you won’t have to pay an additional fee, unlike rival carriers that typically charge extra to add a smartwatch to your plan.

The Simply Unlimited plan is getting more expensive for three-line customers

Pricing for the Simply Unlimited plan remains largely unchanged despite the new Smartwatch support — customers get two to four lines for $80 a month, which includes 5GB of hotspot tethering and unlimited data, calls, and texts within the US, Canada, and Mexico. There is a price bump for the three-line Simply Unlimited package, though, which has actually increased by $5 per month, which is less than ideal if you won’t be using the new smartwatch perk. Google says it will reimburse three-line Simply Unlimited customers with bill credits for their next three billing cycles, but those users will have to front the cost themselves after that period has ended.

Google Fi Wireless is also adding a new perk that provides a complementary phone — a choice of Google Pixel 6A, Samsung A14, or Motorola Moto G Power — for each line added to any plan. The catch is that the phones come with a 24-month commitment to staying on the wireless plan, with the value of the device being reimbursed via bill credits each month. Opting to cancel the agreement before the full 24 months are up will require users to pay the difference on what they still owe.

The service is also rolling out a refreshed version of its app that allows users to add new members to their group plan and restrict who is able to call or text children within the same group to a list of trusted phone numbers. The redesigned app will be rolled out over the coming weeks starting today, so you may not immediately see these changes reflected on your own device yet.