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Lionsgate wants to reboot Twilight as a television series

Lionsgate wants to reboot Twilight as a television series


Lionsgate TV is reportedly in the very early stages of reviving the Twilight franchise with a new series author Stephanie Meyer will be involved in.

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A boy in a gray tank top standing next to a girl in a maroon henley standing next to another boy in a cobalt button down shirt.
Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black, Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan, and Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen.
Image: Summit Entertainment

It’s been years since people have worn T-shirts emblazoned with “#TeamEdward” or “#TeamJacob” with any regularity, but that might not stop Lionsgate from trying to resurrect Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight saga as a new TV series focused on supernatural love triangles.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lionsgate TV is in the earliest stages of development on a new take on Meyer’s Twilight novels that served as the basis for the studio’s previous film adaptations that broke all kinds of box office records and ultimately raked in $3.4 billion globally. The project is so far from coming to fruition (if it does) that currently, no creative team whatsoever has been announced. That said, Meyer is reportedly “expected to be involved,” and the new show will be executive produced by Wyck Godfrey and Erik Feig — both of whom played key roles in the film franchise’s production and distribution.

In 2023, the idea of reviving Twilight might sound a bit off on its face. But it makes a certain degree of sense that Lionsgate would be thinking about returning to the (financially successful) well of glittering vampires in the wake of similar projects like Disney Plus’ Percy Jackson and HBO’s Harry Potter series being announced. Should the Twilight show move forward, one imagines Lionsgate’s going to work to make it feel fresh and not just like it’s following in other studios’ examples by tapping into book IP. There are a few ways Lionsgate could do that, and hopefully it’s considering one that involves giving a nightmarish animatronic doll baby its chance to shine on the small screen.