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You can snag a first-gen Apple Watch SE for just $149 right now

You can snag a first-gen Apple Watch SE for just $149 right now


The 2020 wearable isn’t going to blow you away with the latest chips or features, but it’s a relatively cheap entry point into Apple’s smartwatch lineup.

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first-gen Apple Watch SE
Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

When the original Apple Watch SE came out in 2020, it represented the sweet spot in Apple’s smartwatch lineup. It was faster than what was then Apple’s entry-level flagship, the Series 3, but also cheaper than the newest models. And while it’s certainly beginning to show its age, you can pick it up at Walmart in the 40mm GPS configuration for $149 ($130 off) or in the larger 44mm variant for $179 ($130 off).

Apple’s smartwatch lineup has changed pretty substantially since 2020, especially with the introduction of the new Ultra model, but the first-gen Apple Watch SE can still make for a solid entry-level pick if you’ve never owned a smartwatch (or if you want something inexpensive to hand to the kid).

The SE shares some features found on the 2020’s Series 6 — including the same S5 chip and a built-in accelerometer — but lacks an always-on display, blood oxygen monitoring, EKG, and some of the more advanced sensors and features introduced in later models. Still, it supports a wealth of fitness tracking features, notifications, and watchOS 9 (Apple’s latest iteration of watchOS), making it a cheap smartwatch that’s prime for Apple users who don’t need the latest tech.

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Apple’s first-gen Apple Watch SE serves as a step up from the now-discontinued Series 3, with similar features and a design that’s more in line with the Series 6 from 2020.

I’ve long held the belief that 55 inches is the sweet spot when it comes to TVs. However, in recent years, there’s been a trend toward smaller OLED panels — the kind that can moonlight as massive gaming monitors if you’re willing to sacrifice some serious desk space. LG’s C2 OLED is a great case in point, and though its smallest configuration is only receiving a slight discount at the moment, the larger 48-inch version is on sale at Amazon today for an all-time low of $826.99 ($473 off).

Much like LG’s new C3 model, the last-gen C2 is a stunning display that’s just as suitable for gaming as for binging the latest season of Succession. It’s not quite as bright as this year’s model, but it still touts the incredible contrast and inky blacks for which OLED is known. The C2 also includes four HDMI ports that are capable of 120Hz 4K gaming and the whole array of HDMI 2.1 features, two facets that, when combined with the TV’s low input lag and gamer-friendly settings pane, make it a standout for the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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The LG C2 OLED TV turned on in a family room.

LG C2 OLED (48-inch)

$130036% off

LG’s C2 is a jack-of-all-trades 4K OLED TV. It offers a beautiful picture with perfect blacks, four HDMI 2.1 ports, and a ton of software features, including support for Apple HomeKit and AirPlay 2.

Earth Day is right around the corner, and if you’re looking to splurge on the latest tech while somehow trying to reduce your footprint on this planet, eBay has you covered. The retailer is hosting a 15 percent off sale on refurbished products through Sunday, April 23rd, dropping the price on robot vacuums, last-gen smartphones, and a host of other items when you use promo code THINKGREEN at checkout.

There’s a lot on offer, but one of the better deals to be had is on Bose’s noise-canceling QuietComfort 45. The foldable headphones — which offer terrific ANC, lengthy battery life, and best-in-class comfort — are available in black for about $229 on eBay with the aforementioned offer code, a discount that lets you pick them up for $100 off the cost if you were to buy them new. What’s more, they come direct from Bose with a two-year Allstate warranty, so if you had any apprehension about picking up a used pair of over-ears, you can breathe easier.

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The Bose QuietComfort 45 update the company’s supremely comfortable design with USB-C, improved noise cancellation, and longer battery life. And right now, they’re on sale in refurbished condition at eBay for more than 30 percent off when you use promo code THINKGREEN.

A deluge of other discounts

  • Anker’s Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro are down to just $84.99 ($84 off) at Amazon, Best Buy, and direct from Soundcore (the latter with promo code WS24A3952BD). The lesser-known wireless earbuds don’t ace any particular category, but they still manage to offer enjoyable sound, ANC, multipoint Bluetooth support, and a host of other attractive features that aren’t typically found at this price point. Read our review.
  • Google’s 2020 Nest Thermostat is on sale for around $90 ($40 off) at Best Buy and Amazon. The connected thermostat is pretty limited in comparison to Nest’s newer models, though it still will allow you to program and run it via your phone. Plus, an OTA update is currently rolling out that adds Matter support, meaning it will work with Apple Home without relying on any third-party hardware. Read our review.
  • The latest Apple Watch SE has also returned to $219.99 ($30 off) at Amazon in the 40mm GPS configuration. As we point out in our Apple Watch buying guide, the second-gen model is a great pick for first-time smartwatch buyers, one that represents a subtle upgrade over the last-gen SE but pulls a few features from Apple’s flagship Series 8. Read our review.
  • Amazon’s Smart Air Quality Monitor is still on sale at Amazon for $54.99 ($15 off), nearly its best price to date. The inexpensive gadget can alert you of changes when it comes to particulate matter and temperature — among other factors — and can even automatically turn on air purifiers and other connected devices via Alexa Routines. Read our review.
  • It’s not a deal, per se, but PowerA’s Zelda-themed Wireless Controller for the Nintendo Switch is now available for preorder at Amazon for $44.99. It’s not as slick as the Tears of the Kingdom-inspired Pro controller that’s set to arrive next month, but it still dons a red Hylian crest and some iconic Zelda iconography (read: it has a shield).
  • Speaking of PowerA, the MOGA Mobile Clip 2.0 has dropped to $10.99 ($4 off), its second-best price to date, at Amazon. The adjustable accessory can accommodate smartphones up to 79mm in length and pairs with Xbox Wireless Controllers, giving you an easy way to tap into Xbox Cloud Gaming when you’re away from your TV.