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Twitter’s blue check apocalypse is here, and this is the full story

If you’ve got legacy status on Twitter, we’ve got some bad news: Elon Musk is finally confiscating your blue checkmark. Well, that’s unless you pay the ransom for “Twitter Blue” — a toll booth designed to ignore people’s contributions to the platform except for the fact that they are all equally paying customers.

Business and government organizations can still apply for verified status, but let’s be real: all of this is still subject to the capricious whims of Musk, who has recently targeted newsrooms like BBC and NPR with dubious labels suggesting that they are compromised propaganda outlets. Musk’s general attitude toward journalists is grim, and removing legacy verification remains a spiteful effort to undermine anyone who is critical of the billionaire and his enterprises.

We’ve already seen disaster ensue from the introduction of paid verification, which invited a flood of impersonation on Twitter. Since then, the company has waffled about the process and nature of verification. Now that legacy checks are finally dead, we’re going to see what happens to trust and authenticity on the platform.