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Yelp is going to let you add videos to your reviews

Yelp is going to let you add videos to your reviews


It’s also adding a ‘surprise me’ button to help you pick a place to go.

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A promotional image featuring screenshots of new Yelp features.
Image: Yelp

Yelp is going to let you add video to your reviews, which could make it easier to share additional context about an experience at a location you’ve visited. Currently, you can write text and add photos, but a video might be a better way to capture ambiance or certain aspects of a place. The videos will be short — they can only be up to 12 seconds long — but I could see them being a useful tool when I’m doing some research about where to go.

The addition of videos is just one of many new features Yelp is rolling out as part of a series of notable updates. Yelp is also improving reviews by suggesting topics to write about like “food” and “service” and adding four new review reactions. And unsurprisingly, Yelp is also marketing a handful of new features as enabled by AI and large language models, which are all the rage for tech companies right now.

Screenshots of Yelp’s new “surprise me” feature.
Yelp’s new “surprise me” button.
Image: Yelp

One new feature, for example, uses AI to highlight relevant information in snippets from reviews when you’ve searched for something. The company is also introducing a new “surprise me” button that will suggest a highly-rated place to eat near you, which could be a handy tool when you just can’t decide where to go for dinner.