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Apple is reportedly building a paid AI health coach

Apple is reportedly building a paid AI health coach


Codenamed ‘Quartz,’ it might arrive next year.

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An illustration of the Apple logo.
Image: The Verge

Apple is working on a paid AI-powered health coach that could help you improve your exercise, sleep, and eating habits, according to Bloomberg. Codenamed “Quartz,” the service will apparently “use AI and data from an Apple Watch to make suggestions and create coaching programs tailored to specific users,” Bloomberg reports. However, Quartz won’t be announced this year and is instead set to come out next year.

The new Quartz service (and app) are just one of a few new health initiatives outlined in Bloomberg’s report. The iPad, for example, will finally be getting a dedicated version of the Health app as part of iPadOS 17. Apple is also apparently working on an emotion tracker (which Bloomberg says is different from Apple’s rumored journaling app) and new features to help users with nearsightedness. Apple didn’t immediately reply to a request for comment.

These new features would build on Apple’s growing set of health-focused tools built into its devices. It introduced a medication tracking feature last year, for example, and operates its paid Fitness Plus service that adds new workouts every week. (I personally quite like the service’s yoga classes.) And more health features are apparently on the way. The company’s rumored mixed reality headset will reportedly support Fitness Plus and have a meditation app. Apple is also purportedly making progress on noninvasive blood glucose monitoring, but as my colleague Victoria Song explains, we might be waiting a very long time before that becomes a reality.