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Samsung’s art-like Frame TV is nearly half off in the 32-inch configuration

Samsung’s art-like Frame TV is nearly half off in the 32-inch configuration


Plus, you can save on Apple’s latest iPad, a self-heating smart mug from Ember, and one of the best shooters to ever hit the PlayStation 5.

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A stock photo of Samsung’s The Frame TV
Unlike prior models, the 2022 model features a matte display that dramatically reduces glare.
Image: Samsung

Let’s face it: good art is rarely cheap. Thankfully, however, Samsung’s 32-inch Frame TV is currently on sale at BuyDig right now for $380 with promo code FNJ23, providing you with a more cost-effective way to outfit your living room with well-known masterpieces.

This 2022 QLED panel isn’t a vast update over the prior model — it still touts a 120Hz refresh rate, HDMI 2.1 support, and compatibility with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa — but the 4K set now comes with a new anti-glare matte finish, which helps it look like a piece of actual artwork when turned off (as opposed to the hulking black box that it is). Sure, some of said art is paywalled behind a $5 monthly subscription, but if good picture quality and aesthetics are what you’re after, the Frame offers them in spades.


Last year’s art-inspired 4K TV from Samsung retains the same QLED display as its predecessor but uses a new anti-glare matte display, which provides artwork and photos with qualities that resemble an actual canvas. Right now, the 32-inch model is down to $380 at BuyDig when you use offer code FNJ23.

Some devices are necessities, while others are merely nice to have. That said, if you’ve been secretly pining for a modern smart mug that’s designed to keep your coffee at the perfect temperature, the 10-ounce Ember Mug 2 is on sale direct from Ember in black or white for $99.95 with promo code MOMDAY23. You can also pick up the larger, 14-ounce model through May 9th for $119.95 using the same offer code.

If you’re unfamiliar with Ember’s connected mug, the ceramic vessel pairs with a mobile app for Android and iOS, which allows you to set it at your desired temperature. The built-in battery can then maintain that temp for more than an hour or, if you’re using the included charging coaster, indefinitely. I’ve found that the 14-ounce mug I own saves me about four trips to the microwave a day, which, in my book, justifies the splurge — even if I am forced to handwash it.


With marquee titles like Elden Ring, God of War Ragnorök, and The Last of Us Part I having dominated the PlayStation 5 discussion over the past year or so, it’s easy to forget that Returnal was once the flagship title for Sony’s next-gen console. It remains a great buy nearly two years after its release, however, especially since the digital edition is on sale at the PlayStation Store through 11:59PM PT tonight for just $29.39 (about $41 off).

Like a good horror flick, Returnal is atmospheric and moody, with just the right amount of tension. The challenging third-person shooter has you traversing a series of ever-changing worlds as a lone astronaut, evading hulking monsters and waves of bullets as you go. It’s also a great showcase for Sony’s DualSense controller and — thanks to the addition of cooperative multiplayer and a newer survival mode that lets you battle your way through a series of increasingly difficult levels — there’s more to this sci-fi title than ever before. Just be prepared to die, like, a lot. Read our Returnal review.

A few additional midweek discounts

  • Sony’s God of War Ragnarök Bundle has routinely been on sale at places like Amazon for $509, but now Costco is sweetening the next-gen pot by pairing it with a DualSense Charging Station and an extra DualSense controller for $599.99 ($50 off). It’s not a massive discount, but if you were already thinking of buying an extra controller or a charging cradle to go along with it, Costco’s members-only deal saves you an extra $10.
  • Anker’s bass-heavy Soundcore Sport X10 wireless earbuds are down to $55.99 at Amazon and Anker, the latter with promo code WS7DNTKMCA. They recently made our list of the best workout earbuds, which isn’t all that surprising, given that they pack IPX7 water resistance, a helpful transparency mode, and a range of EQ settings, all for under $60.
  • Horizon Forbidden West’s new expansion, Burning Shores, hit shelves earlier this week. However, if you’re really looking to show off your appreciation for all things Aloy, you can currently pick up Lego’s Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck on sale at Amazon for $71.99 ($18 off), which is the best price we’ve seen on the towering, 1,222-piece Lego set to date.
  • Apple’s redesigned 10th-gen iPad is once again on sale at Amazon and Best Buy, where you can pick up the base model with 64GB of storage and Wi-Fi for $399 ($50 off). It’s an excellent tablet, though it’s somewhat of the odd duck in Apple’s current lineup, given it culls many features from the latest iPad Air yet still suffers from some of the limitations of the ninth-gen model. Read our review.
  • The fashion-forward Fitbit Luxe is down to just $89.95 ($40 off) at Amazon and Best Buy right now, nearly matching the fitness tracker’s best price to date. It has a lot in common with the budget-friendly Inspire 3 but is a tad slimmer and features a nicer stainless steel case. Unfortunately, the tradeoff for that jewelry-like finish is that the Luxe only offers an estimated five days of battery life. Read our Fitbit buying guide.