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They’re ‘skeets’ now

They’re ‘skeets’ now


Paging Lil Jon!

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An image showing three side-by-side screengrabs of Bluesky on mobile
Image: Bluesky

Look. I know that most people aren’t on Bluesky yet, but when you get there, you should know that you won’t be posting. You’ll be skeeting.

I could do some explanation of it being a portmanteau of “sky” + “posting” but I think we just hit the sicko event horizon and a bunch of shitposters logged on over the last 24 hours, including a bunch who didn’t bother with Mastodon. Anyway it’s skeeting now. Sorry if you don’t like it. Skeet, skeet, motherfucker.

Also, it’s not the timeline, it’s the skyline. Dril is there. There’s been a main character incident. Quote tweets are happening but you can’t block anyone and muting doesn’t work. It’s pure PVP and no Elon Musk. Also no DMs, so you’re going to have to be horny on main.

The significant formative event for Twitter was when all the Something Awful forum goons took over and reshaped the nerd shit into something fun. I don’t know if the energy on Bluesky will last, but there are significantly more weirdos, sickos, perverts, and fuckups than on Mastodon, which strikes me as a positive development for the platform.

I know there are all these nerds out here who want to have healthy conversations or whatever, but that shit is boring. A significant part of the fun of being online is watching people misbehave; this is, after all, the value proposition of Reddit’s famous r/AmItheAsshole. I just need someone to give me some invites so I can help make it worse.

Til then, though, skeet, skeet, motherfucker.