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Meta changes exec bonuses after backlash

Meta changes exec bonuses after backlash


Plus: Takeaways from this week’s slew of tech earnings, and Bluesky’s big week.

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Last week, I reported on the uproar inside Meta over executives receiving individual bonus percentages that greatly exceeded the company average. Today, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced internally that the individual performance percentage for execs is going away. I have more on that decision, as well as how the company is thinking about working with Microsoft and OpenAI to create an AI coding companion for employees. Also, some takeaways from this week’s slew of tech company earnings. And why Bluesky is having a moment.

Before I proceed, I wanted to flag my interview with Lightspark CEO David Marcus that aired on the Decoder podcast earlier this week. There are plenty of reasons to be bearish about crypto right now, but I wanted to hear the optimistic side of the.. coin from Marcus, and why he is betting on Bitcoin specifically. I hope you’ll give our conversation a listen.

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