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Another leak: the Asus ROG Ally will start at $600 with AMD Z1 and 256GB SSD

Another leak: the Asus ROG Ally will start at $600 with AMD Z1 and 256GB SSD


That’s just $70 higher than the same-storage-size Steam Deck.

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Photo by Monica Chin / The Verge

Just two days after a substantial leak pegged the price of Asus’ Steam Deck competitor at $699.99 with a Z1 Extreme chip and 512GB of storage, an extremely similar leak says the entry-level model with a vanilla Z1 processor and a 256GB SSD will cost $599.99.

As before, SnoopyTech was the first to spot the leak — and we similarly corroborated with Roland Quandt, who showed me the data so I could see it.

If true, that means both configurations are within spitting distance of Valve’s comparative pricing, where a 256GB Steam Deck costs $530 and a 512GB Steam Deck costs $650, respectively. But Valve also sells a $399 Steam Deck that comes with 64GB of eMMC storage, which enthusiasts often open to replace that SSD.

The original ROG Ally leak came from Best Buy, and it appears that Best Buy is the source of this one too. This will likely be the least expensive configuration of the ROG Ally, though it’s possible Asus could follow Valve’s lead and put out an eMMC model.

You can read what the likely performance difference will be between a Z1 and Z1 Extreme in this story, at least based on AMD’s chosen results. Here’s our ROG Ally preview. Other manufacturers will sell handhelds with a similar chip called the Ryzen 7840U, which AMD warns is not power tuned for handheld use.

Update: Added corroboration from Roland Quandt, who suspects he has the same source as SnoopyTech for this data.