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More patches are rolling out for The Last Of Us’ infected PC port

More patches are rolling out for The Last Of Us’ infected PC port


There are new hotfixes from Naughty Dog and Nvidia and hints that the game has a future on Steam Deck.

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Screenshot of a scene from The Last of Us Part I.
Screenshot: Tom Warren / The Verge

Naughty Dog and Nvidia have released more hotfixes for The Last of Us Part I’s PC port in an attempt to fix various crashes and other bugs that have plagued the game since it launched a week ago. Nvidia says its hotfix driver Version 531.58 is meant to make the game more stable when running on RTX 30-series graphics cards, and in the patch notes for v1.0.1.7 of the game, Naughty Dog says it and co-developer Iron Galaxy are “closely watching player reports to support future improvements and patches.”

The changelog also mentions improvements beyond just fixing various crashes. Resetting the graphics options to default should now work, an issue where the game wouldn’t read Xbox controller stick inputs properly has been fixed, and there are new features to help make it easier for the developers to diagnose issues. If the game crashes due to a GPU issue, you’ll have the option of “additional GPU diagnostic tooling” for your next play session.

These updates, and the ones that came last week, don’t mean the game is perfect yet. Naughty Dog says it’s still working on an issue where the camera jitters while you’re playing with a mouse instead of a controller, but that fix won’t be coming until a later patch. There are also still plenty of problems listed on the company’s “Known Issues” page for the game.

Naughty Dog says that, eventually, it hopes to get the game verified for Valve’s Steam Deck. However, according to a tweet from Monday, the company is “prioritizing fixes and patches before submitting it for verification.” That seems like the right call to me — there’s not much benefit to having it on Steam Deck if it’s still a bit of a mess.